Live an Inspired Life with Your Path to Success Club 2014 - Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff's signature member site that has been inspiring members for over 5 years.

Remember, you are a successful and a joyful spirit.  You were MEANT to be joyful and successful. 

How about living a life where you not only get inspired...but that you become the inspiration to those around you and everyone you touch in your life?

So ask yourself this critical question:

What could I accomplish with some support and some help?


Many people just like you tend to get better results with ongoing support and encouragement, and that's what this program is all about.  I will personally work with you in a dynamic and lively group phone-coaching environment to set you on a course to achieving your life sacred dreams and life goals. (you receive the mp3's too).

Let me share with you some of the life-changing discoveries you and I can be experiencing together over the next few months. Through my years of training, coaching, and mentoring people, I have developed this comprehensive, unique program.

Your Path to Success Club group coaching program combines unlimited email support and group coaching telephone calls that supply you with whatever you need to complete and execute your plan for a joy filled and successful life.  

 In this sacred success club program you'll make these discoveries:

  • How to live joyfully no matter what is going on in your life- the happiness lifestyle
  • How to conquer limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals
  • How to cultivate thoughts that work for you and not against you
  • How to create a life of abundance and sacred success with practical steps.
  • How to work while inspired doing what you love
  • How to grow your spiritual life
  • How to develop awareness to keep you on a path of sacred success
  • How to BE the Inspiration 

In order to achieve anything, you have to BE the energy of that which you desire. The challenge then becomes- How do you BE the energy of something you have never done or experienced before. My program can help you get your energy in alignment with your goals.


Why the Your Path to Success Club Program was created

I receive daily feedback from people who have read my books, my eBook, taken a workshop, or a teleclass. These people recognize that while the material and ideas are life changing and inspirational, they need more reinforcement, more insight, more encouragement, and more follow up in order to change a lifetime of habits. 

This is why an ongoing program like this is so powerful and moving.  This coaching program instills changes in thoughts and reinforcement that leads to a permanent life change. You may think that it will take a long time, maybe even years to achieve your goals, but did you know that "the Universe likes speed"? When you get the support to maintain a daily practice of keeping your thoughts, actions, and energy moving in a positive direction, your desired results start happening faster and faster.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"

--Mahatma Gandhi  

All of the peace, passion, energy, and joy that you need is yours and surrounds you right now. Open your arms, your mind, and your heart. You are loved. You are blessed.

Now I know what you might be thinking.  "Sheri's probably just a joyful person, joy is probably all she's ever known."

Nothing could be further from the truth.  I experienced a deep personal tragedy when I was a teenager. I discovered my fifteen year old brother after his suicide death. This profoundly affected my life and impacted the thoughts that I had surrounding happiness and joy. I thought I could never be happy again and for many years, that was true.

A lifetime of learning from the masters, becoming more spiritually aware, obtaining my Master's degree and PhD, and mentoring other people in leadership positions all helped to create the inner knowledge and spirituality that I needed to live a truly joy filled life again. I want to share these discoveries with you and help you to live a truly joyful and successful life.


You can choose joy...

You can live joy...

You can have a joyful and successful life from this day forward...

What would your life look like if you woke up every day with a joyful song in your heart and felt truly filled with joy?

How would this impact the people in your life?

What would it mean to you?

In this program you'll learn how to start letting go and replacing negative thoughts with more constructive ones. You will be recognizing, allowing, and embracing more joy in your life. You will learn how to tap into abundance and live your dreams in every aspect of your life.


Hear what some of my clients have to say:

"I adore Sheri.... She has been a strong guiding force for me.... The clarity, wisdom and support that I have gained from working with Sheri has been amazingly valuable to me...Bringing Sheri into my life is one of the smartest things I have ever done....Boy do I love this woman!     Thank you Sheri.....I continue to grow each day!" .....     Joanna Sanchez

"I have known Sheri since 2011, and since then, I have received so much value from her personal coaching, products, and classes -- she offers terrific resources for creating and living a deeply satisfying business and life. Initially, I enrolled in one of her courses and then received life coaching from her. I then participated in her Success Club - listened to the calls and incorporated her worksheets and resource tools into some major life transitions. I have relied on her business coaching, too. Consistently, no matter what venue or medium, she brings top quality to her clients. And in my book, what makes Sheri such an effective coach is the combination of her intelligence, experience, intuition, and practical skills. First off, she is smart as a whip, and she coaches from a foundation of many years of 'real world' experience in business and education. Sheri is also highly intuitive, which couples beautifully with her finely-tuned listening and questioning skills. Once we've hammered out the challenges, Sheri is intentional in making sure our sessions and my action steps propel me towards my goals. Translation: I'm clearing hurdles, am happier and more relaxed, and I'm making strides! With her as my coach, I have a new depth of confidence because I finally see a clear path to achieving my business, financial, and lifestyle goals. It is exciting to work with her, and I wholeheartedly recommend Sheri's services and products as excellent tools for upleveling any area of your life." Christy Calbos

"Working with Sheri has been a great experience. She is truly an inspirational person. Working with her you can feel the vibrant energy she sends through her classes. I made the connection with her through an on line class that I took.. Sheri is a wonderful person to work with. She offers many tools that can be used in everyday life. I think everyone should take or at least try one of Sheri's classes. It is very well worth it." Norma S.

Working with Sheri Kaye Hoff "Sheri is generous in sharing her wisdom. For those who prefer the written word, Sheri has written many books on how to live a successful and joyful life. However, words are a small percentage of communication and Sheri enriches the lives of all who listen to her podcasts and web conferences. She blends together her business leadership and teaching experience with personal life lessons to encourage and enlighten her clients lives. Interactive sessions will increase your awareness of what is required to gain clarity and rapidly move forward. Sheri is an excellent, relate-able mentor and coach who is interested in your success." Doug Jarvie


At the End of the Day It's All About Growing, Improving and Thriving

You may be thinking that nothing can change in your life, but I'm here to tell you that it really is possible for one program to really can have a profound impact on what you do and how you feel from now on.

In this program, you will be growing spiritually; you will develop more control over your thoughts. You will experience more peace, passion, energy, and joy every moment of every day, if you allow it to happen and take the actions steps. 

And if you don't know what it is you want out of life, you'll discover that too. I'll show you not only how to live joyfully every day,  but how to discover your own keys to living joyfully. You will create and then learn to live your vision.  Like a miner digs for gold, we'll mine for sources of joy and success deep inside of you, and we won't stop until they've come to the surface.

Here is the truth I believe about you:


  • You have the innate ability to achieve your goals.
  • Your dreams and desires are sacred.
  • You are deeply loved, honored, and respected.
  • You have even more happiness and joy bubbling deep within you.
  • You have the strength and courage to learn what it is you need to know to live the life you desire.
  • As long as you are learning, changing, and growing, you are making progress every day. Once you learn something- you can never “unknow” it. Raising your consciousness is a permanent shift.


You are invited to honor your sacred dreams for your life, to a sacred place of love, passion for your goals, and unwavering support. Your success is sacred. Did you know that? or have you thought about success as separate from the deepest parts of yourself and separate from your spiritual center?

Let’s unite our energy and work together on your goals, on your sacred success.

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This guided meditation audio/video is an excerpt from one of the Your Path to Sacred Success Club live calls led by Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA- Your Inspired Action Success Coach. The picture remains static so you can focus on the words and the meditative experience. Success Club calls include exercises like this, a topic lecture, other exercises and Q and A.

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Just look at everything you get:

~Your Path to Success Club Access 

~Creating and living your vision for your life

~The power to start creating and feeling more joy, no matter what is going on in your life

~Exercises, processes and strategies for attaining your goals 

~~Attracting the right people at the right time in your life

~Learning how to view time as a moldable gift

~Tapping into your creative flow

~Cultivating a heart thinking right attitude

~Creating paradigm shifts

~Setting short, mid term, and long term goals that make sense for you

~Developing awareness surrounding your life and your thoughts

~Growing your spirituality

~How to BE the Inspiration

~2 one hour Group Coaching Calls with the Success Club every month 

~Unlimited email support throughout the program


What if you could?:

  • Create Your Path to Success.
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs that block success,
  • Grow Your Confidence
  • Achieve Elusive goals
  • Build Your Own Success System
  • Tap your inner strength and wisdom,
  • Learn to fast track abundance and prosperity.
  • Learn how to live joyfully every day.
  • Learn how Success and Joy belong together- side by side in your life
  • Get the Support of Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Get mp3 downloads to help support your sacred success


Wouldn't you love to experience all of this every month?

When you enroll in my Your Path to Sacred Success Club Membership Site-

  • You will get access to inspiring, informational, and life changing ebooks, mp3s, and worksheets as downloads on the member site access page
  • Plus, you will get sacred success coaching tips exclusive to this Member's Only program
  • Plus, you will get two live monthly group coaching calls via webinar where you can ask your questions- or just listen to the success topic. Your can listen via the web, skype, or phone line- local dial in phone numbers are available in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. The call schedule is given three months ahead of time and are always on Tuesday nights and usually at 3:30 pm pst/6:30 pm est. These calls will also be available as replays and  mp3 downloads in case you need to miss a call- and you will receive action worksheets for each call.
  • Plus, you will get unlimited email access to me (Coach Sheri) to get your questions answered.
  • And... I am including all of the 2013 Success Club recordings when you join Success Club 2014
Can't make the scheduled call? Don't worry, the call will be recorded and available for listening  and mp3 download later.
I would love to support you and partner with you as you move forward in your sacred success.


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Join us and start changing your life now.

Love and blessings,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

The Inspired Action Success Coach


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"Be Free, Be Happy. Be the Inspiration. Be Bold. Boldy Pursue a Life of Meaning and Passion."

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

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