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Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals Now

What if you achieved those goals that have been on your mind and in your heart for awhile?


What's been holding you back? If you have felt a bit stuck for awhile, you are probably thinking that feeling and being stuck is an uncomfortable and frustrating place to be.

It can be, but it can also be a great starting point for growth. I have learned that “stuck” is part of a cycle. When we feel stuck- whether it is just a holding pattern in our lives or a true block, it forces us to think, learn, and reach for new ideas. You may even find yourself experiencing rapid growth after a period of being stuck.

I have been stuck probably hundreds of times with minor and major stumbling blocks. 

After experiencing a shocking tragedy, I was stuck in grief for several years. I made it out of that stuck period and I discovered how to live successfully and filled with joy pretty much every day for over 2 decades. I still had my "stuck" times, but I always knew I would make it through using very specific tools and techniques to help create inspired action steps that I use now with my coaching clients.  This is why many of my private clients call me "Action Sheri".

I not only had a strong desire to make it through (survive)... I wanted to be an achiever, excellent at whatever I decided to do in my life.  I wanted to be my best and to help others be their best, too. The important key to know in your heart is that you don't have to stay stuck no matter what has happened. I believe in YOU. I believe in your amazing potential and your powerful spirit.

This is why I created my 4 Keys to Being Your Best Audio Program.

This audio program offers insight, in-depth lessons, and questions to help move you through any stuck period faster.

Join hundreds of people who have already completed this life-changing audio program:

Experience 4 Keys to Being Your Best: Your Personal Leadership Transformation Audio Workshop with (me) Small Biz, Executive, and Life Coach and author of transformational books, Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.


When you practice great personal leadership in your life… great things start happening all around you. Jump start your transformation now. What if you were able to:
  • Be an achiever. Avoid the oppressive and depressing feeling of falling short and missing the mark. Consistently keep those promises that you make to yourself by achieving your personal, career, and money goals. Successfully achieving your goals creates opportunities for you to live the life that you want to live. Your self-esteem sky rockets and you feel the reward of accomplishment on a regular basis.
  • Own your goals. Avoid the pitfalls of trying to attain goals that really are someone else's vision for you. Create goals that are unique, special, and meaningful to you. Goals that excite, empower, and inspire you.
  • Live each day with more peace, passion, energy, and joy. Experience the zest of life every day. Avoid waiting for "some day" to be happy. Create and live your happiness now. Enjoy the mental focus and energy to do what you want to do.
  • Do and be what you are meant to do and be. Avoid living your life half way- in a job or career that is ill-fitting and monotonous. Understand and develop your purpose. Create a driving purpose that aligns with your passion, skills, and talents so your work is satisfying and takes on a deeper, more fulfilling meaning. Experience living life in the flow of purpose instead of feeling like everything is so hard and difficult.

I know you have it in you to achieve your goals, but you, just like everyone, need some support…some inspiration…to help you make it all happen. Take a moment and imagine what your life would be like if everything starting working out for you? What if you achieved your goals that you set for yourself for this year? What would it feel like? How would it be different from where you are now?

With a jump start like my personal leadership transformation audio series, you will find yourself changing, shifting, achieving, and growing.

Be a part of my community of achievers. Through working with me and my programs my clients have launched new careers,saved their current careers, written books, started and/or grown businesses,taken action on long procrastination lists, created more happiness, and learned how to get what they really want out of life.
Get the 4 Keys to Being Your Personal Best audio program today for only $47 (save $50)

4 Keys to Being Your Personal Best: Experience Your Personal Leadership Transformation Brand New Audio Workshop with (me ) Life Coach and Transformational Author of Multiple Books- Sheri Kaye Hoff.

This life transforming audio program is designed to meet all learning styles and includes:


  • 4- 30 minute audio mp3 downloads. Audio 1- Be a great achiever/manifestor. Audio 2- Own your goals/Create goals that are unique to you. Audio 3- Live each day with more peace, passion, energy, and joy. Audio 4-Do and be what you were meant to do and be. (value $197)
  • Power Points to reinforce the learning points of each audio. (value $17)
  • Worksheets with in-depth questions to help you lock in the learning and create personal insight and aha moments  for each lesson.  (value $17)
  • Unlimited email support from (me)Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff during the 4 weeks of the program where you can get your questions answered and receive feedback on your progress. This means that you have unlimited access to me. You can pick my brain for 4 weeks. Send me as many emails as you need.  (value- priceless)
  • You also will receive a bonus mp3 of 100 prosperity affirmations (value $27).

This information packed, comprehensive four-module audio course gives you specific tools and results-oriented activities designed to help you achieve your goals and start living a richer, more fulfilling life — one that you define for yourself! And you can start today- right now- because as soon as you click to buy- you have access to the complete course. Though most people do complete this in four weeks- you can go as slow or fast as you want to go. You are driving the process.

The value price for this audio program is $97 BUT you can get it for only $47 (you save $50 off the value price).  My individual clients pay me over $1000 per month for coaching. Here, today, you have the opportunity to experience my coaching principles for only $47. ***There is no risk, if you are not entirely satisfied with this program after 30 days of implementing it... I will refund your money. 

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Meet Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD- The Inspired Action Success Coach. Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA, CGCL  is a Life Coach, Executive Coach, and Small Biz Coach bringing you 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring, consulting, training and development. She is an inspirational and transformational Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author of multiple books. Sheri knows what it takes to go from tragedy to triumph. She discovered her brother after his tragic death as a teenager and she struggled for years with sadness and depression. Eventually, she found her way back to both success and joy. She is an internationally popular radio show guest and is the host of her own podcast on itunes. She is the author of multiple books, the creator of  Your Path to Success Club,  and developer of  transformational group coaching programs. Sheri is a leadership expert,  keynote speaker, and workshop leader. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, inspirational, energy boosting, and action- oriented.   She teaches, collaborates, partners, mentors, and inspires others in groups and on a one one one basis to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day. She holds a PhD, a  Master's degree in Organizational Management and is a certified group coaching leader. She is certified in small biz, spiritual, executive, life, and group coaching. She has taught ethics and business classes at the collegiate level. Coach Sheri lives in beautiful Parker, Colorado. She is married (for over 20  years) and has three children and three step-children. Her mottos:  Be the Inspiration, Be Bold, Boldly pursue a life of meaning and passion. 

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