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"Growth happens when you are asking the right questions, Being willing to stretch your mind, your soul, and your heart. Creating growth is not about just doing more or adding more to your plate, or adding more burdens. Growth stems from freedom and happiness. Success and transformation are about finding the lightness and inspiration in your life. Growth happens when you relax into inspired action, make deliberate decisions,  and find and CHOOSE  solutions that deliver results."  Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD. Business Coach, Author, Trainer

Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches, and Consultants have achieved these results through coaching with me.

  • Grown businesses
  • Started businesses
  • Became experts at attracting clients
  • Launched new directions and initiatives
  • Lived their purpose and made a difference.
  • Written books and screen plays
  • Produced movies.
  • Taken action on bucket lists.
  • Created more happiness.
  • Traveled the world.
  • Learned how to get what they really want out of life.
  • Made lasting changes and shifts.
  • And this is just the beginning of the list of results. 
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If you are ready to create growth in your business and your life and if you are ready for massive, yet relaxed,  inspired action, working with me is a game changer. How would your life and business change, if you could get the results you want? If you were an expert at attracting clients? If you could create the business profits you desire?

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Here are some of my core beliefs: 

To me, “Decision” is genius. When we are on the fence- we are most vulnerable and uncomfortable. Choose your action step and take it.

"See yourself as a person capable of long term success."

"If you have big goals and you feel like you are not moving forward, ask yourself- What are the areas in my life where I am hesitating? Pause for a moment and write those things down. Hesitation can become a habit. When you act on your areas of hesitation, you will often find everything else speeds up and your big goals become a reality."

"All you need is to act on one good choice and you will create an energetic movement in your life that results in many good decisions."

"Instead of trying to prevent things from happening to you, focus on what it is that you do want."

"The moment you decide and say- I’m doing it- you unleash unstoppable energy from within."

"Why don’t more people truly change and do and be what they want to do and be? These aren't the only answers, but they are two good ones.
1. It is easiest to stay the same- for a while, but eventually, the pain will become too great… and change becomes a must. For example, that feeling of hitting rock bottom.
2. People feel like they keep making the same mistakes over and over and then look for evidence to prove that indeed- it is true- they have not changed. But what happens when you are looking for evidence to your already predetermined conclusion? You prove yourself right."

"Don’t let anything regarding your past efforts haunt you. Today is a brand new day."

"Be fierce about standing up and for your goals, but let go of being attached to the results. Do the work. Work through the fear. And let the results be what they are. The real victory and real change is in the process of fiercely making the impact in the world that makes an important difference to you and those around you. Be fierce about what is important to you. And if you work with clients, be fierce about what is important to them"

"Your approach to time affects your success and inner peace on a daily basis, your thoughts and beliefs about money impact your financial situation every day, and fear is what keeps you from taking the actions steps that you really want to take. What if you felt like you had all of the time you want to do what you want? What if you didn’t worry about money? What if fear didn’t keep you from making the changes that you want? Then what would you think about and do?  Would you be attracting clients at a higher level? Would your business be more profitable? Would you take more vacations? Would you have more time to play? More time to give in the areas that are most important to you?"

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